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Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes. As a coach, I realize that your internal obstacles are often more unnerving than the external ones. Together we will find the best possible way to help you unlock your potential and maximize your performance. You will blossom if you are committed to making a change.

take control of



If you wish to take control of your life you need to envision new possibilities and transform the limiting beliefs that have created your current situation. Through coaching you will transform the way you live your life.

Your Greatest Self.


By hiring a coach you open yourself to unlimited possibilities. A coach will be a great listener. A coach will provide structure. It's amazing how much someone will get done when they know someone will ask them next week: "How did you do?" A coach will help you focus your attention on what is important in your life. Your coach will be a sounding board so you can get clarity about an issue. Stating an idea, dream or vision gives it a life. A coach can help you see things from a different perspective. Having someone who is both an objective third person and trustworthy is a winning combination.





Take back your life by learning to respond instead of reacting to what life throws at you.


Responding creates opportunity and involves the ability to act with a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness. The act of reacting, however, comes from somewhere in the past, and lacks power because the response is based on resistance or opposition without much thought.


Reacting is an automated response. Some of the triggers and reactions we have developed no longer work for us and can actually be destructive. However coaching can help you uncover your triggers and change your pattern of behaviours from one of reaction to one of responding.

stop doubting


Have you spent the better part of your life talking about what you don't want or have? Doubting if you will ever be able to make the necessary changes in your life to move you in the direction of your dreams?  

Having some doubt is ok. It's important to recognize doubt as part of being human. Having doubt can sometime be the first steps in creating change. But often it is our judgements about ourselves that hold us back from making the changes that you know would move you in the direction of achieving your dreams. 


Our way of thinking and how we judge someone or something has an effect on how we perceive the world, people and our selves. Some forms of judgement can lead us to doubt our decisions. For example, we may doubt we are in the right job, or doubt that things will "work out" for us after all. 


Doubt appears in our life when we are not confident. If you are not trusting, then you are doubting. You can move out of doubt by exploring what you are doubting, and then deciding on what you need to do to move into trust. 


Before you can build a trusting relationship with anyone you must be able to trust yourself. In order to build trust with others, you will need to have a deep trust in who you are and what you are capable of bringing to the world. 




Meet Your Coach

Debra Ross

I am a Certified Professional Coach.   I have 20+ years of experience in sales as well as life coaching. I am constantly taking courses to keep my skills updated and I am confident that I can coach you to create effective structures and action steps that will allow you to achieve your greatest work and reach targets beyond anything you've ever achieved before.

I will give you the needed support in making those big decisions. I will give you encouragement as well as help you grow and develop your own strategies and solutions.



I will help you clarify your values and vision. I will help you to set goals and actions that will lead to a more satisfying, successful, and fulfilling life.



As your Coach, I will help you  stop doubting yourself, discover your greatest self and take action towards your passions instead of moving away from your greatness.


Coaching can be useful in a any type of business and can range from individual skills development to overall team coaching in larger organizations. Areas that often benefit from coaching include communication skills, time management, improved workplace efficiency and productivity.



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