Taking Action

Taking Action


Let’s get moving into action
Let’s get moving into action
If your life’s too slow, no satisfaction
Find something out there, there’s an attraction
If you hesitate now, that’s a subtraction
So let’s get moving girl into action


- From the song ‘Into Action’ by Tim Armstrong


The lyrics above to Tim Armstrong’s song, nicely explain the meaning of creating action. If you don’t take action then there is no satisfaction, even a subtraction. Movement created by taking action creates a momentum and this in turn shifts us out of our current situation. This movement, shifts the energy in our bodies and helps to even change our perspective. This is very apparent when having to make a decision. Remember a time when you had to make an important decision. You probably weighed up all the information, went back and forth, weren’t sure which way to go forward or which decision to make. Whilst this was going on you may have felt a great level of anxiety, not knowing what the future held for you until you made your decision. Finally the time comes when a decision must be made. You choose and in that moment, you take a big breathe and release all the anxiety and feel relieved. This is the beauty of creating action. It moves you to a new space, time, and journey.


Creating action is not always easy. However it is critical to our feeling of success and achievement. Action is doing. It is experiencing something. Action is an opportunity for you to experience something new, to learn. Action is about your development, the growth of you as a person. To take action is like a plant growing. If the plant doesn’t grow, it dies. How many times have you observed people who are not passionate about life, who are not happy in life? At some point in time these people chose not to grow, to stop developing themselves, to stop taking action. Now you can see the results of this. Taking action can be fearful as there is uncertainty around taking action and you won’t know where you are moving to or what the ‘other side’ of taking the action will bring you. So the choice is to either never know and to stay still or to take the action and to create the life you want, to grow and develop & learn and blossom, like the flowers on a healthy beautiful tree.

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