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Coach Bio


Debra Ross is a highly experienced Life and Business Coach with an extensive background in senior management. With over 45 years of working experience, including 25 years in senior management roles, Debra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her coaching practice. She is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve outstanding results.




Life Coach Certification from the ICA Coaching Institute:

Debra has completed a comprehensive Life Coach Certification program from the ICA Coaching Institute. This certification has equipped her with the skills and techniques necessary to guide individuals in identifying their goals, overcoming obstacles, and creating a fulfilling and balanced life. The ICA Coaching Institute is renowned for its rigorous training programs that emphasize a client-centered approach and adhere to the highest standards of coaching ethics.


Teams Coaching Graduate from WBECS Coaching Institute:

Debra has graduated from the Teams Coaching program offered by the WBECS Coaching Institute. This specialized training has provided her with the expertise to facilitate the development and growth of high-performing teams. Through the application of effective coaching methodologies, Debra supports teams in enhancing communication, collaboration, and overall team dynamics. The WBECS Coaching Institute is globally recognized for delivering cutting-edge coaching education and fostering excellence in team coaching.


Certified Red Team Coach through

Debra is a Certified Red Team Coach, having completed the rigorous training and assessment process offered by This certification enables her to guide individuals and organizations through strategic decision-making and critical thinking processes. As a Red Team Coach, Debra helps clients identify blind spots, challenge assumptions, and explore alternative perspectives to drive innovative and effective solutions. is a reputable organization known for its comprehensive programs in red teaming and strategic coaching.


Additional Coaching Course:

Debra has also completed the coaching course "Coach the person, not the problem" by Marcia Reynolds, offered at This course further enhanced her coaching skills and expanded her ability to connect deeply with her clients. "Coach the person, not the problem" emphasizes the importance of understanding the individual's unique needs, motivations, and aspirations. By focusing on the person rather than solely addressing the problem, Debra helps clients uncover underlying beliefs, emotions, and patterns, enabling profound personal growth and transformation.


Debra has adopted elements of Marcia Reynolds' coaching style, integrating empathy, curiosity, and a non-judgmental mindset into her own coaching practice. By fostering a trusting and supportive relationship, Debra empowers her clients to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and embrace their full potential.



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