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Results of Working with a Coach


Results of working with a coaching show that 67% of clients saw an increase in self-awareness as a primary result of the coaching process, with 62% setting better goals, a more balanced life received by 60%, and lower stress level in 57% of the clients. 52% of the clients used the opportunity as a means of self-discovery, and 52% to build self-confidence. 43% wanted to improve the quality of their life, 39% to improve communication skills, and 35% to complete specific projects. 33% used a coach to improve their health and/or fitness level, 33% to improve aspects of their personal or professional relationships and 31% use a coach to have more fun in life. Whatever the reasons, more success in your life, is the end result.



Debra Ross, CCP

Debra Ross, PCC

Professional Certified Coach

CEO, Life By Choice Coaching


I am a Sales and Entrepreneur coach. I coaches Sales Executives and Entrepreneurs on how to create effective structures, increase sales and revenue activities so that they can do their greatest work and reach targets beyond anything ever achieved before.





I have been a professional career person for over 40 years. For the last 20 years I have been coaching professional sales people to grow in their personal and professional lives. I am a CCP graduate of the ICA International Coach Academy. 


By hiring me as you coach, you open yourself to unlimited possibilities. As your coach, I will be a great listener. I will provide structure around accountability and help you honor your commitments. It's amazing how much you will get done when you know someone will ask you next week: "How did you do?" As your coach I will help you focus your attention on what is important in your life. I will be a sounding board so you can get clarity about any issues. Stating an idea, dream or vision gives it a life. As your coach I will offer a different perspective. Having someone who is both an objective third person and is trustworthy is a winning combination. Take the first step to create a bright new future by booking a free coaching session right now. Just fill in this form and click "Send".


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